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The Purpose Of A Corporation: To Create A Customer In 1954, Peter Drucker put forward an equally radical idea for business. His book, The Practice of Management, argued that the whole world was mistaken in thinking that the purpose of a firm is to make money for itself. Common sense and conventional wisdom were wrong. “There is only one valid purpose of a corporation:” he wrote, “to create a customer.” Only one. Making money is the result, not the goal of a corporation. Steve Denning, Forbes

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The UPwards Leader


As people we need a myriad of things in which to live and grow:

  • Air
  • Food
  • Oxygen
  • Sunlight
  • Proper Temperature

And within these items we have multiple needs within them. Take foods for example, we need a balance of food to get the correct nutrients in our bodies to facilitate growth and health.

In our quest to grow as leaders, we often look to grow from a variety of sources: books, podcasts, networking, seminars … the list goes on.

Now think of the things you use to grow as a leader. How many of those resources that you consume are made from the things that you like?

Now consider the things that you don’t like, and ask yourself this:

Can you, or will you, seek them to learn from those you don’t think you can teach you anything?

Take for instance the teen that doesn’t like broccoli or avocado or…

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Knowing the truth

Zen Flash

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When we know the truth, we become people who don’t have to think much, we become people with wisdom. If we don’t know, we have more thinking than wisdom or no wisdom at all. A lot of thinking without wisdom is extreme suffering.

– Ajahn Chah

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Zen Flash

June 10, 2018

Related imageHumility is not thinking less of myself,

but rather thinking of myself less.

I am neither the best nor the worst

—both extremes are manifestations of pride.

Those who stand on tiptoes lose their balance.

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In his famous video series, “Do Right,” Lou Holtz, the master motivational speaker and football coach said, “One thing I know that’s universal is you are going to have problems.” For supervisors, many days seem like an endless stream of problems to resolve. This article links the solving of problems to the concept of trust.

Solving Problems if Trust is Low

When trust is lacking, problems are more difficult and time consuming to solve for several reasons:

1. Difficult to identify the real problem

When trust is low, people are working around the interpersonal issues, and often the facts are hidden from view. People will protect or horde information to protect their parochial interests.

You can observe people in lengthy and hot debates where they do not even address the real problem.

2. Solutions are not the most creative

People will not be willing to share their most creative solutions…

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Practical Practice Management

There are three primary reasons that employee will lose motivation at work.

  1. Lack of Confidence
  2. Lack of Focus
  3. Lack of Direction

Today, I want to talk about the first one, “Lack of Confidence.”  Recently, we hired a new employee and over the past couple of weeks I have seen where a lack of confidence in being able to perform well at work has affected this person’s motivation.

It is not that there has been a lack of good training, it is the rough road of learning and being confident in their skill set that causes this “lack of motivation.”

As an employer or manager it is important that constant support of a new employee be in place and encouragement in what they are able to do that will encourage them to become more confident.  Try and remember what it was like for yourself when you started a new job or…

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The difference between a committed person and a compliant person is like the difference between night and day. It?s huge!

A committed person carries an attitude that helps them drive towards their goals. A committed individual acts with purpose for a purpose. Not only do they have goals they also have a plan to achieve them. Their commitment to themselves, the people they care about and to their organization or business shows in everything they do.

Committed people look different. They act different. They speak differently than most people and they tend to brighten every room they enter.

Compliant people are easy to spot too. They are doing what they are supposed to do and not much more. They live in the zone of ?same ?ol, same ?ol?. They may think they have goals but often those goals only deal with ?getting through the day? or ?doing what I have…

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