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How Are You Managing Change?


“Any change, even a change for the better, is always accompanied by drawbacks and discomforts.” —Arnold Bennett

By Elizabeth Stincelli, DM


Why Change

Fight it all you want, change is inevitable. When we fail to embrace change we cause ourselves undue stress and waste valuable time and resources. Why change? Change becomes necessary when the needs of our organization, customers, or employees change.

How We Change

Once we realize that needs have changed, and therefore we need to evolve; we must set a realistic change goal. Every level of management must roll-up their sleeves and get involved. Employees must understand and believe the reason for the change and the benefit to them personally. The organization must be committed to pursuing the long-term vision and the change requirements associated with it. Here are four factors that will help you manage change.


Have a clear purpose. How will this change…

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Growing New Leaders


“Growing other leaders from the ranks isn’t just the duty of the leader, it’s an obligation.” —Warren Bennis

By Elizabeth Stincelli, DM

Why Grow New Leaders?

Developing leaders throughout your organization places you in a position to conquer new leadership challenges where innovation and flexibility are the keys to success. When you build on the expertise within the ranks of your organization you improve efficiency and effectiveness. Growing new leaders allows you to tap into the talent and potential of your team members. Let’s look at three of the factors that promote the growing and nurturing of new leaders.


You must start by creating an environment where others have the opportunity and are encouraged to lead. Develop a culture where employees embrace collaboration and open communication. Value the diversity that offers a continual flow of new perspectives. Provide employees with an environment that challenges them in a way that…

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Source of Inspiration

ocean liner

Ocean liner sails the seas
people wallowing in luxury
while others are dying
of hunger and war
still others are buying
more and more

There’s great wealth
to be had
but its not shared
and that is sad

There is a simple solution, folks.
If you have more than you need,
share it with others!

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Start Right Now!

Source of Inspiration

working together

Population explosion
in just my lifetime.
Why are there so many
more souls on Earth now
than ever before?

Clear lakes of my childhood
have disappeared
wars without end
calamities everywhere;
are we nearing the end?

Perhaps, but this need not
be so. We have all we need
to reverse this tale;
each of us working
individually and together
can restore the land
and build communities
where people conserve

Please, let’s start
right now!

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Source of Inspiration


P eople caring

L ending a helping hand

E veryone working together

Allowing dignity and respect

S incerity and co-operation

E ach doing his part

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Lies We Believe

Source of Inspiration

#1 It is selfish to think of our needs first.
#2 What we imagine is not real.
#3 We are sinners.
#4 God is wrathful.
#5 We are limited in what we can do.
#6 We are unworthy, not good enough.
#7 Multiple dimensions do not exist.
#8 Killing is justified at times.
#9 Animals do not have souls.
#10 We cannot communicate with plants, animals, and each other with our minds.

And worst—there are no fairies, angels, unicorns, gnomes, no Santa Clause, or tooth fairy!

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Lies We Believe, Edition #2

Source of Inspiration

11. The media tells the truth.
12. The media tells the truth, for the most part.
13. Politicians have our best interest at heart.
14. Our religion is the “right” religion.
15. Collateral damage is not murder.
16. The death penalty is necessary at times.
17. It is right to kill people to teach them that democracy is best.
18. What we learn at school is relevant in our lives.
19. Voting ensures that democracy is practiced.
20. Democracy is the best system.
21. Democracy is possible.
22. Religious war is not an oxymoron.
24. Violent movies and video games are not harmful.
25. Rock stars and sports heroes should make millions, teachers should not.

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I’m Not Easy to Love

Source of Inspiration

I’m not easy to love
for I demand integrity
in a relationship–
yours and mine.

Sometimes we both fail to
keep the gold standard,
leaving us struggling to
love unconditionally,
but feeling disappointed.

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Source of Inspiration


I can not be owned
or possessed
bought or bribed.
If I am with you,
it is because
I choose to be
but not through lack
or fear
for only pure love
can blend our souls;
all else is false
an illusion
of self-centeredness
empty in the end

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Don’t Agree

Source of Inspiration


I do not agree with you
which shows me that
I need to understand
your point of view
as well as examine
my certainty more
to see if I really
agree with me!

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