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Known is a drop, Unknown is an Ocean

In our early ages our parents asked to wake up early saying its good time for studies. In every school of yoga or meditation they say that the idle time for doing mediation is early morning 4am to 6am. But why? First lets explore some of the more common and logical reasons…

Our elders used to give vague answers saying it is “Brahma Muhurtam” or we are fresh after a sleep and the world around us is peaceful and calm. While everything would have its own merit but if we create a very calm, noiseless environment and if we are fresh, can we do meditation all the time with equal efficiency? The answer to this question is NO, we cannot do mediation with equal efficiency at all the time. But can someone answer why? The other question which needs to be answered is why “Brahma Muhurtam” so special that it is the…

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