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Sage of Kanchi

Our dear Umesh sent this drawing a minute ago with the following description – couldn’t resist posting it immediately….

I have done this painting based description sent by a devotee (Rajagopal Thiagarajan). I have mentioned his mail details below.
“In recent times I am getting the visual – darshan of Maha periava. I wanted to share with you to check if you would draw the same. In the Avudai, instead of LINGAM, I see Maha Periava sitting with  left leg resting on the floor and right leg folded and resting on the left thigh, with the dhandam on the left hand his right palm raised blessing everyone. Please see if you can come out with this drawing.”
Umesh rendered this drawing as per the dream description….
Periyava is sitting like Kamakshi on the avudayar! What an intense look at His face!
Along with you, I am just amazed…

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