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Developing Good Listening Skills

Practical Practice Management A Division of Top Practices

Five businesspeople at boardroom table smiling

Have you ever really paid attention to how you listen to someone when they are speaking to you?

Do you always give them your full attention?  I remember when my children were young and they would come and ask for a snack to eat and it seemed that I would always immediately say no, but then when I fully had processed what they were asking I would change my mind.

Why?  Because I was on auto-response and I was not fully engaged to what they were saying.

I think the “auto-response” part of us just seems to kick in automatically before our brain connects with what the speaker is saying.  This can cause people who are speaking to us to become upset or over time eventually disconnected from us.

There are four key steps to engage in “Active listening” which are very important for us to learn and implement in our…

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Don’t Let Small Things Get In Your Way

Practical Practice Management A Division of Top Practices

Beautiful Mountains 73_Fotor

Do not let the small things get in the way of your “Big Visions.”  Be a creator of dreams that you can reach.

Look to the Mountains….Happy Friday to you all!

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How to reprimand someone (with dignity)

How to respond to a bad boss

Worst Case Scenario Mentality

Thursday Re-View — What These Stones Have Seen

Soul Gatherings

           Living Wall Living Wall

This wall lives and breathes.

Its age shows in striking beauty, memories of the old man’s callused hands – artist’s hands – that shaped the stones with such love. No mortar for him, but only careful picking and choosing, a mosaic of gray stone laid one upon the other. Joining together stronger than alone, climbing higher.

Stop! Look at me. You may walk beside, but do not cross. I have purpose. I stand firm.

Norsemen cleaved the stone with battle axe a many, their angry cries bludgeoned into the rough surfaces. Blood soaked the stones. The breeze brings a whiff of sweat and fear from bygone centuries.

Rough edges smoothed by storms unleashing their fury, when the heavens opened to wash away the blood. Lightning strikes scar the stone with black, their fingerprints embedded deep.

             Just Green Just Green

Stones reverberate with echoes of a horse whinnying as it leaps…

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Today’s Quote

Soul Gatherings


Waiting patiently in expectation is the foundation of the spiritual life.

~ Simone Weil ~

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Today’s Quote

Soul Gatherings

cracked nut

The shell must be cracked apart
if what is in it is to come out,
for if you want the kernel,
you must break the shell.

~ Meister Eckhart ~

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Today’s Quote

Today’s Quote

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