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Sage of Kanchi

I had a great opportunity to meet Sri Ramani Bagavathar in Chicago. He and his entire family are great devotees of Mahaperiyava and staunch followers of Sri Kanchi Matam. Exactly on the Deepawali day, I interviewed him at his daughter’s place in Chicago. He spent more than an hour talking about Periyava….

This was not exactly an interview – this was a combination of personal experience and some pravachanam 🙂

Some of the highlights::

  • Mama is blessed to see Periyava in samadhi state – one of the few to see probably
  • Breaking His vow of silence for mama’s song on Dakshinamurthy
  • Spontaneously composing a stuthi on Periyava that was approved by Him too..My son sang this song last year – here is the link
  • Periyava as Vaideeswaran
  • Periyava as vittal to another devotee
  • Why go to mosque when we have all mantras?
  • Mama and HH Pudhu and Bala Periyavas


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