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Dispassion – What we need?

Known is a drop, Unknown is an Ocean

When Dispassion appears in the mind, it opens the gate to Divine Wisdom. From dissatisfaction (with the sense-objects and worldly sense-enjoyments) comes aspiration. From aspiration comes abstraction. From abstraction comes the concentration of the mind. From the concentration of the mind comes meditation or contemplation. From contemplation comes Self-realisation. Without dissatisfaction or Dispassion, nothing is possible. Just as cultivation in a stony land or saltish earth becomes absolutely fruitless, so also Yogic practices an inquiry of the Soul done without Dispassion becomes fruitless. Just as water, when it leaks into the rat-holes, instead of running into the proper channels in agricultural fields, becomes wasted and does not help the growth of plants, grains, etc., so also, the efforts of an aspirant become a wastage if he has not got the virtue Dispassion. He gets no spiritual advancement.

Intense Dispassion 

There must be intense Dispassion in the minds of the aspirants, throughout the…

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