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Known is a drop, Unknown is an Ocean

Vairagya refers to our ability to let go of things, to leave them be, as well as to go for a challenge while renouncing the fruits of our labor. We need both action and inaction in our lives to remain balanced, and the practice of vairagya (dispassion) has us abstain from getting too attached. To play it cool, as it were.

Vairagya is very important for the mind to get withdrawn from this illusory world. As long as the mind thinks this world as totally real and it imagines that this world can give me all the happiness and peace that I am looking for, it would not like to give up its imaginations and come back towards the Self. That is why vairagya is very much required. So it is essential that the mind needs to understand that all this world is unreal: “This is transitory. This is not…

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