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What’s the difference between being a good friend and a good employer? According the happiest companies in America last year, not much.

Happy companies all have one thing in common: They give without expecting reciprocity.

Google This

Google, for example, is famous for going the extra mile to treat its employees like friends. In addition to health and dental benefits, vacations, and a stimulating workplace, Google offers unique perks like “takeout benefits” for new mothers and fathers, which stipulate a $500 allowance for takeout meals in the first three months they’re home with their new baby.

Well, OK, they might expect a little loyalty and hard work somewhere down the line, but their gifts aren’t about provoking competition among employees; they’re about generating real happiness.

How to Strike the Perfect Balance Between Gifts and Incentives

Striking a perfect balance between incentivizing and giving is crucial to your employees’ overall satisfaction…

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