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After I posted the drawing of Shwetha, next day I talked to her mother. She is a very staunch devotee of Periyava – always in His smaranam. During my conversation, she narrated an incident about a dream her son (12 year old boy) got recently. In that dream, this boy sees Periyava standing in a middle of an ocean – like viswaroopam – and standing next to Him. This boy,  in his mind thinks “How great a mahan Periyava is? Can I ever become like Periyava?”. Sarvagyan Periyava heard this boy loud and clear and answers, “if you do sandhyavandhanam and samitha dhanam daily, you can also become a mahan like me!”. What more one wants?! BTW – this boy has been doing trikala sandhyavandhanam and samitha dhanam daily – since his upanayanam.

Normally, I do not post individual’s dreams in this blog due to logistics reasons. However I chose to post…

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