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High Fever @ 103 degree Celsius for PuduPeriyava. Guruvayur camp. Vyasa Pooja by PuduPeriyava. It’s 10am but PuduPeriyava couldn’t get up at all for the Pooja. Periyava is at Pandarpur.

Earlier, Sri Balu Mama (now Swamigal) has conveyed to Triplicane Periyava (Angarai Sri Kalyanarama Bagavathar) to perform his annual Saptaakam of Srimad Bagavatham at Guruvayur instead of Periyava’s camp @ Pandaripur, stating that Triplicane Periyava needn’t come all the way & it may be difficult for them too. This he has stated a Periyava’s wish.

“That is how these people say, but you ask Periyava directly. Periyava would approve to do it at Pandaripur”, others around advised. Triplicane Periyava haven’t uttered a word as reply.

Later, he has said that “It is not correct to check what Periyava has said, “In Srimad Ramayana, the moment Kaikeyi Devi says, Sri Rama is…

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