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Your Life in Leadership

Doug Dickerson on Leadership


Life is too short to be little. – Benjamin Disraeli

As defined by John Maxwell, leadership is influence. With the influence you have as a leader, you can add value to the lives of others by your leadership style. The alternative is often characterized by missed opportunities. How you see yourself determines the direction you travel.

Italo Magni said, “If you’re talking with your head, you’re going to speak to their heads. If you talk with your life, you’re going to reach their lives.” So, here is the question: On which level do you want to lead? Discover these simple secrets and understand the most effective way to lead.

When you lead with your head you can help.

You can draw a person in with your knowledge, but if you want to make a difference there has to be more.

When you lead with your heart you can make a…

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