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At my age, I have a realization that I don’t really want to contemplate too much in my mind. The brutal fact for me is that I have fewer years to live than I have lived thus far. However, the invincibility that I assumed in my youth has transformed into the freedom of not caring what other people think of me.

So my challenge then becomes mediating a “don’t care” mindset with a mindset of “respect and caring for others” – particularly those who age-appropriately still believe in their invincibility.

And I certainly do not want to become a grumpy old man – a male dinosaur – who is written off by younger people!

A Generational Perspective

I now appreciate the value of having relationships with people from different generations much more now than previously when the other generation was older than me.

Youthful arrogance is charming; but in old age, it…

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