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Amma’s Shraadham

Sage of Kanchi

Thanks to Shri Suresh Panchanathan, who went on a self-created vanavaasam for about an year with complete detachment with social media etc and made a come-back recently. This time the intensity of his postings are beating the past records (pun intended!).. I am barely able to catch up with his speed…..This is one of his recent postings! Thanks Suresh…Welcome back and hope to see you soon here at the blog too!!!periava with mettur.

Sri Matam’s Kainkaryam person stood before Swamigal, hesitatingly.

“What?”, gestured Swamigal to him.

“Amma’s shraadham (ceremony for the departed soul)…”, replied he.

“Ok, go and complete the shraadham”, said Swamigal. And as per custom, the person was given Rs 5000 as advance for 1 month’s salary.

After he left, the very next day his mother showed up for darshan of Swamigal! And it became obvious that the person had lied about his mother.

Not knowing this, the person came…

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