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Sage of Kanchi

Thanks Shri Venkatesh for this rare photo and the article


When Maha Swamigal was in Tenambakkam, I used to go there. With me came my two friends, who were engaged in the sacred work of building the Karumariamman temple in Samiyar Thottam, to seek his blessings.

I introduced them both to Periyavargal. They were Vaishnavas. He asked them, “Is the samashrayanam done for you?”

“Is done”.

“You know what is samashrayanam?”, he asked me.

“Don’t know”, I said.

“To do such kaingkaryam–service, Vaishnavas should get the anumati–permission from their Acharyas. Without that, it is not uchitam–proper, to get engaged in this.” Saying this, he asked me, “Will you build a temple?”

What could I say? I did not reply anything.

But then, two months later, for some reason, those two people, resigned from their positions. They engaged me in that work and made me a secretary.

All Maha Periyavargal’s anugraham…

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