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Sage of Kanchi

This is one of the thousand incidents that we have read where things go south by not listening to guru. It is sad that even today, people do not listen to our current acharyas!


Thanks to Shri Venkatesan for this article…

Sabarimala (Ayyappa) devotees in two buses came to have darshan of PeriyavA. He asked them, “What places did you visit until now? And what are in your plan to visit?”

They told the names of places they had visited and said that they had plans to visit Vaikkam, Guruvayur and Chottanikkara in Kerala.

Periyava ordered them to have darshan of Trichy Mathrubhudeshwara (Shiva at the Rockfort Temple, Trichy), Akhilandeswari of Tiruvanaikka, Ranganatha of Srirangam, Madurai Meenakshi, Tirupparankunram Murugar, Tirunelveli Nellaiyappar and Kutralanathar at Tirukkutralam en route.

But then it was not possible for all the devotees to take this route. So, one bus went through the route they had…

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