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Great Middle Way

Contentment is the state of mind that allows us to be quietly happy in any situation, and to be at peace with who we are. 

Contentment is freedom from anxiety, want or need. Contentment is the goal behind all goals because —once achieved— there is nothing to seek.  

In samsaric existence, a sentient being cannot maintain “contentment” (actually, pleasure or satisfaction) for very long, as the three sufferings quickly end the momentary experience of satisfaction:  

]  The Suffering of Suffering refers to direct physical and emotional pain and discomfort.  

]  The Suffering of Change refers to the inevitable alternation between pleasure and pain.  

]  All-Pervasive Suffering is the basis of the first two, being the fundamental nature of samsaric existence: birth, disease, aging, and death. 

The Causes of Suffering:

  1. Ignorance: imputing reality to the false self and phenomena
  2. Selfishness: relating all…

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