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Time and its measurements

Known is a drop, Unknown is an Ocean

The importance of time (‘Kaalam‘  in Tamil) is so high in the ancient tradition that they ensured that the accuracy, continuity of time and the easy measurability of it is maintained for who knows how many years. Time creates, sustains and destroys everything and this is very nicely captured in these 2 lines by Mamuni Mayan in Aintiram…

காலேம எைவக்கும் மூலம், காலேம மூல ஆற்றல்
காலேம ேகாலத் ேதாற்றம், காலேம ஞாலத் ேதாற்றம்

It is only because of Time or frequency (movement of consciousness within itself) that Space or Brahmam manifests itself into material form. Time is in effect, simply Space or God itself moving – vibrating. Mayan says that it is Time that functions in every living being as in – breath and out – breath. Time is the dance and Space is the dancer. They are one and the same. Thus, we have the concept of Time God.


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