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Toxic Leader

Earlier this year, someone sent me a Washington Post article about the Pentagon’s investigative actions to remove abusive leaders.

  • One general was described as a profane screamer who was “cruel and oppressive.”
  • Another leader was singled out as a verbally abusive taskmaster and still another was “dictatorial,” “unglued,”a master of “profanity-fused outbursts.”
  • A power-hungry senior Department of Defense civilian was so bad her subordinates said that it was “like you were in a prisoner of war camp.”

Fortunately, I’ve never been assigned to an abusive, toxic leader except when I was in a Vietnam POW camp for more than five years. When I came home, I made a vow that I’d never serve under those conditions again.

“Freedom and dignity were much more important than any short-term security.”

The Toxic Leader

The problem exists in every field of work, and regularly I hear about someone leaving a good job…

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