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bigstock-Action-Needed-Barrier-Illustra-49927979So here we are again on the cusp of the new year.  One slippery six week slope to 2014.  Another spin around the sun officially starting on January 1.

We will soon read all sorts of advice about how to set our New Year Resolutions, how to avoid letting yet another gym membership go to waste—and for some of us—how to avoid getting crazy during the holiday season.  That sort of thing.  Given all that we have read so far this year, haven’t we already had enough?

We in the management psychology field are no different.  We pile on extra helpings of advice just like everyone else.

From the consultants, to the newspaper columnists, everyone has good intentions to make your job and life easier and more successful.  But, maybe we should all just say, “enough.”  Aren’t our mental plates already full?

What I notice principally about all the year-end…

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