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Overcoming Your Fears

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Photo Credit: Vic via CC Flickr Photo Credit: Vic via CC Flickr

First of all, I want to say that not all fears are bad. The feeling of fear and fright can actually be good and are “built-in” mechanisms in our bodies. For example, if you were walking and suddenly saw a big, ole bear coming your way, you would experience a level of alarm and handle it accordingly. That would be a normal reaction. Animals, such as lions, use fear, to their advantage. Sometimes they can scare their prey so much, that they can “freeze” in terror.

The most important key to handling and facing fear is how you decide to deal with it and how much to choose to let it control your mind.

 There are many times throughout our lives that we can become fearful of something. It has once been said that 70% of things that people worry or are fearful of…

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