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Great Middle Way

The Buddhas teach unanimously and without reservation

That the nature of all sentient beings is perfection.

“There is nothing to add, and nothing to subtract.”

However, since beginningless time,

I have allowed the taint of ignorance

—the cognitive and affective obscurations—

to shroud this Buddha Nature.


Victorious Ones of the three times and the ten directions

as numerous as the grains of sand on the banks of the Ganges,

have attained full enlightenment,

and accumulated incalculable merit.

In Their kindness and compassion

They have made extensive Vows and dedicated this merit

to the manifestation of my true purity,

True self, true bliss, and true permanence.


I accept and dedicate the merits of all Buddhas and Bodhisattvas,

Of Solitary Realizers and Disciples,

Of all Holy and ordinary beings,

As I dedicate my own —past, present and future,

Previously dedicated and yet to dedicate—

That I may arise spontaneously in…

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