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Simplify Your Life

Great Middle Way

In order to simplify your life, please observe all your activities, with special attention to sensory input (thinking, hearing, touching, seeing, tasting, and smelling), and consider which can be:

  • AVOIDED: activities and situations that can be eliminated entirely, since they are unnecessary and unbeneficial
  • ALTERED: activities and situations that can be adjusted in frequency, duration, volume, location, or intensity
  • ADAPTED: activities and situations to which we can oppose strategies to increase our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual resilience
  • ACCEPTED: activities and situations which cannot be avoided, altered, or adapted, and therefore are necessary experiences toward which we can change our attitude

Remember to always prioritize the Four Necessities: Nutrition, Rest, Security, and Association with Noble Friends.
An essential aspect of simplifying your life is to cultivate patience. Patience is the ability to control our reactions and retain our peace of mind in any situation, imperturbable in the face of…

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