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Sage of Kanchi

Thanks to Karthi Nagarathnam for posting one of the finest paragraphs on what Periyava had said about doing “seva”…..Highly encouraging for all of us here who are part and parcel of running this blog…At times, I think “What a big difference this blog is going to make?” As Periyava said here, whether or not this blog makes a difference in you, this makes a big difference in me! When I post something, I read, understand and feel for the content. That is the biggest gain for me!!!! It is so touching that Periyava remembered Rs 1 and 5 contribution all the time!!

Let us all get involved in doing seva – no matter how small it is. As long it is bagavat seva, nothing else matters.

Thanks to BN Mama for the translation…..


(Thanks BN Mama for a Pongal special drawing!)
இதனாலெல்லாம் என்ன பெரிய ப்ரயோஜனம் வந்துவிடப் போகிறது என்று நினைக்கக் கூடாது. ராமாயண…

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