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Sage of Kanchi

Isn’t it interesting to know that there were people who showed their hatred to Mahaswamy Himself even in those days? How Periyava did a self-analysis of those criticisms and found out how He could have handled differently! See mahan’s compassion towards them as well…..

MahaPeriava _sketch_BN

AUTHOR : Ra .Ganapathy
Publishers : Divya Vidhya Publishing House.

This episode highlights how The two great qualities of HUMILITY (VINAYAM) and WISDOM (GNANAM) co-existed in Mahaperiava.

Ra.Ganapathy (anna) writes:

Proof that a person is always immersed in LOVE ( MAITHREEM) is when that person treats even his worst adversary with love. I experienced one such demonstration , with SriSaranar.

For some people, the song “Maithreem Bhajatha”, fueled their hatred towards Mahaperiava and the hatred burnt with fury. I didn’t know, initially ,that such people existed, and that the song drew such a hateful response from them.

I felt that all were very happy…

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