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Sage of Kanchi

Thanks to Shri Rathnam for this article.

I had the fortune of meeting Brahmasri Late Parasuramachar few years back…..Read this post – outstanding family background of nithya agnihotri and one of the bests interviews….

Sri Padmanabhachar, a Madhva was traveling from Kolkata to Chennai with break journey at Vijayawada. It was 1969-70. Traveling with his pregnant wife & his son Sri Parusuramachar. They got down at Vijayawada after long & heavy journey from Kolkata. Thought of going to the Kamakoti Mutt there for preparing their swayambagam. Before that they got into the Krishnaveni river. After the bath when they came out, they were curious to see when crossing the river bridge in the  train that…

Yup! That is what he saw!! Sort of curious – Yes! It is Periyava who was taking snanam in Krishna river here in Vijayawada… What a surprise! They’ve got a break journey and have to leave by 3pm…

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