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Daily Sales Thoughts

While this may sound silly. I can tell you that it is not.  It is all about being able to Focus on the right things at the right time.

If you are asked what you do for a Living, how do you Answer:

“I am in Sales.”

That is the typical Answer.  I will suggest some other words, and it does not matter what you Sell:

“I Solve Business Problems in the (Insert Industry Here).”


“Learn what people need in the  (Insert Industry Here) and address those issues.”

I am suggesting that you recommit yourself to focusing on the Issues your Product can solve FROM the Customer’s Perspective.

We have very smart Buyers out there. It is up to you to be a Great Asset to Your Company AND Customers by coming at it from the Customer Perspective.  Only by doing this will you be able to Elevate yourself…

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