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Sales Thought: Try a Little Zen-Like Non Selling!

Daily Sales Thoughts

Try not selling – I know that probably got your attention!

Instead of selling, think about how you can help the person you are talking with – your customer – solve a real business issue. If you can do this, you will take an important first step towards bringing value, because you recognize who is helping who. You are helping the customer, not the other way around! You must show how your products and services help the customer if the customer is to help you by placing an order.

Simply looking at your products and services may not fire up the customer enough to place an order. Your brochure and slide deck, while good, probably won’t do this either. It is you that brings the magic to the show.

Sellers that focus on the big picture have the greatest chance to be viewed in a different light. By focusing on…

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Sales Thought: Always Be Learning – The New Mantra in a Fast Changing World

Daily Sales Thoughts

With all due Respect to GlengarryGlenRoss – which was and still is the All Time Great Sales Movie!  It was said that it is “ABC – Always Be Closing.”  For the year 2015, for all Sales People, Support, etc, it is “ABL – Always Be Learning!”

Given the pace of Technology Change, the companies and Sales People I see struggle are the ones who think “I have been doing this for a long time.  I know my Stuff.”  No offense to anyone, but whatever “Stuff” thought you knew is likely no longer the “Stuff” you need to know.

It does not mean that what you know is not a benefit.  But one of my favorite sayings about Business and Sales Planning is the debate that I often hear with Senior Leaders how are looking for the “Perfect Answer” to a particular Business or Sales situation.  I have bad…

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Sales Thought: Relationship Management is Better Executed WITHOUT an Opportunity in Play!

Daily Sales Thoughts

When do most companies send in their best People?  When there is a Big Deal on the Line!

The problem with this strategy is it leaves the Customer always wondering:

“If I go forward with them, How will I Be Treated when the Deal is Done?”

So, although it may seem to be a mistake, I think it is best if we send in Our Best Resources when there is NO opportunity at Play.

When you Consider working with a Customer, there are 3 things at Play:

1.  Relationship: Who do you know and who do you Want to know?

2.  RoadMap to Revenue or MORE Revenue: If they are success with the first Project, won’t they Come Back?

3.  Customer Success: if we are NOT focused here, then Items 1 and 2 tend to fall apart.

To a Customer, what matters is there using your product, going live and…

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Sales Thought: As you forward, set a Goal to become a Greater Asset to Your Company and Customers!

Daily Sales Thoughts

While this may sound silly. I can tell you that it is not.  It is all about being able to Focus on the right things at the right time.

If you are asked what you do for a Living, how do you Answer:

“I am in Sales.”

That is the typical Answer.  I will suggest some other words, and it does not matter what you Sell:

“I Solve Business Problems in the (Insert Industry Here).”


“Learn what people need in the  (Insert Industry Here) and address those issues.”

I am suggesting that you recommit yourself to focusing on the Issues your Product can solve FROM the Customer’s Perspective.

We have very smart Buyers out there. It is up to you to be a Great Asset to Your Company AND Customers by coming at it from the Customer Perspective.  Only by doing this will you be able to Elevate yourself…

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The Scientific Power of Meditation

Leaders: Don’t Let a Little Motivation “Dip” Become a Big Performance Management “Fail”

Blanchard LeaderChat

Portrait of a wistful health club member sitting on floor with exercAfter analyzing four years of check-in data, Gold’s Gym found that February 18th is the date with the steepest drop-off in gym attendance. By looking at the self-reported health club check-in data of Facebook users, a recent Wall Street Journal article found that gym check-ins rise 50% in January but then decline in February as motivation diminishes.

It’s a common pattern anytime people take on new tasks that require time, persistence, and effort.  Initial enthusiasm turns into disillusionment as beginners realize the task is more difficult than they anticipated, progress is slower, and the time required to accomplish the goal looks like it will be greater. Leaders and coaches need to be aware of this natural dip in motivation and take steps to make sure that this little dip doesn’t turn into a big fail with people quitting the task before accomplishing the goal.

In the health club industry, the…

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Delaying Feedback? No News Is Not Always Good News

Blanchard LeaderChat

Avoid Word On Keyboard Key, Notebook ComputerAre you so skittish about damaging a relationship or de-motivating a team member that you don’t give developmental feedback? Who can blame you, really? Everyone wants to be liked, and we all know you get more flies with honey than with vinegar.

However, you aren’t doing anyone any favors if you don’t give feedback. The employee suffers, and in the end so does the whole organization.

I recently spoke with a leader in a company who wanted me to coach a director-level person who had been with the organization for nine years.

As he explained, “Her first manager was a wimp and no one has ever given her any feedback. All of her bad habits just got more ingrained. When she finally came to work for me, I gave her some sorely needed feedback and her response was ‘No one has ever told me that before. It must be you.’

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