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The Importance Of Consistency

Lavinia Lumezanu

“It’s not what we do once in a while that counts, but our consistent actions.” – Tony Robbins

Make A DifferenceA long time ago a personal trainer friend of mine told me about an encounter with a potential client.

The client asked: “If instead of working out for 20 minutes every day, I work out for a couple hours on the weekend, does it have the same effect?”

My friend looked up and said: “I don’t know, if instead of brushing your teeth for 5 minutes every day, you only brush them once on Saturday for 30 minutes, is that the same?”

While it might seem like a funny story, this particular encounter can serve as a reminder to all of us about the importance of consistency. If we do something just once in a while vs. if we do something every day creating a habit out of it, the results will…

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Paradoxical Truths to Embrace for a Meaningful Life

Yonason Goldson

sunset-1024x600I’ve been telling my students for years that to live a successful life one has to be a little bit schizophrenic.  We live in a world filled with contradictions that we have to acknowledge, attempt to reconcile, and sometimes accept as irreconcilable.

This article does a wonderful job of spelling it out.  Definitely worth reading.

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Are You Too Busy For Love?

Lavinia Lumezanu

CoffeeLoveI got a newsletter this morning that inspired me so much; I decided to write about it. The newsletter was from Marilyn Tam, an amazing author and speaker with a fascinating life story, a powerful woman who overcame impossible situations to become the person she is today.

Today she talked about being too busy for love and referenced an article she recently wrote for The Huffington Post. The quote she used was something we all need to be reminded of: “If your business keeps you so busy that you have no time for anything else, there must be something wrong, either with you or with your business.” – William J H Boetcker

It got me thinking, if all these people who have achieved so many amazing things in their lives always come back to love, maybe, just maybe there’s something to it. Somehow when we allow love in…

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A One-Minute Meditation To Silence Your Mind and Calm Your Energy

Our Better Health


The world as we know is in dire need of a higher vibration in its collective consciousness. During a recent morning meditation session, the intuitive loving voice within me reminded me of the true power we all have in seemingly powerless situations. Therefore, I would like to inspire YOU to start raising your own energy and vibration through a regular meditation practice.

If you’re part of the MindBodyGreen community, it’s likely that you’re no stranger to meditation. Maybe you have your own dedicated practice, dabble from time-to-time or are familiar with meditation but have never tried it. Regardless of where you are on your meditation journey, you can ignite an amazing practice today. Here’s what you need to know to do just that.

Anyone can meditate, you’ve just gotta want it. Like any practice, you have to want to do it in…

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Patience, The Art of Intelligent Waiting

Our Better Health

Sara, from Institute of HeartMath   February 15, 2015

“Adopt the pace of nature: Her secret is patience.” —Ralph Waldo Emerson

Life unfolds in spite of our impatience. The misfortune of it is that because of our impatience we don’t fully appreciate the joy and beauty of watching it unfold. And then there’s all the stress and discontentment along the way.

Especially today, with the rapid pace of modern life, lowering the level of impatience could help reduce a lot of the world’s stress. It is fortunate then that many of life’s experiences teach us that patience is possible. The impatience of youth, for instance, at last becomes patient because adulthood finally arrives. The impatience of the artist becomes patient because art is created. Driving in traffic becomes patient because the destination is finally reached.

Impatience, however, can have great costs. How much has impatience in people’s lives led to…

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Your Job Exists For A Reason

Practical Practice Management


Employee morale can either make or break a business. What is sad is many employers often overlook this important aspect of workplace environment and then wonder why they have such a high turnover rate.

What does matter to employers is the amount of work an employee does per hour that they are being paid. What is so amazing about this school of thought is employee work output has been proven to be higher when employee morale is up.

When employees understand why they do what they do, they become more productive. It is rewarding when they know how their purpose affects the company as a whole. It gives employees more sense of responsibility when they understand how they fit into the bigger picture.  People generally are happier when what they do has meaning.

Keeping morale up in the workplace not only provides a better atmosphere for employees, but also creates…

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How To Be A Great Manager

Practical Practice Management


I came across this post from about two years ago and as I read through the qualities that I should possess one jumped out at me, number seven.  As a manager I am to be the gate-keeper and protector of the team.  I often hear horror stories of how staff members fear their manager.  How can you possibly have a great work team if they are afraid of you?

I am glad I came across this post again, it is a great reminder of what attributes I should strive to have to be a great manager.

Below are 10 of the most sought after qualities that make up a great management person.  Taking each one at face value, they are very reasonable to attain.  What is interesting is the fact that good managers are almost harder to find than good employees these days.

These qualities are not ranked in any…

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