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Superhero Businessmen New York Flying ConceptI am, by profession, an executive coach. Part of my job is to advocate fiercely for a client’s best self and to champion possibility. Still, I am often asked, “What do you do if you really don’t think the person is capable of accomplishing the goals they’ve set?”

My answer is always, “Who am I to judge?” I’m certainly not going to tell someone they can’t do something or they should aim lower.

When it comes to aiming high with employees, however, you have to be careful. If you are “Captain Empowerment” (one of the characters we looked at in our series on seven ways good managers sometimes get it wrong ) you are so encouraging and have such a high value for fairness that you treat everyone the same way regardless of their competence or skill level. You believe in offering everyone an equal opportunity. You believe anything…

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