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A compound in these nuts and fruits has striking effect on memory, learning and depression.

Resveratrol, a compound which plants produce in response to injury, has shown striking abilities to boost memory and alleviate depression in new research.

Resveratrol is found in the skin of grapes, in berries and some peanuts.

Resveratrol has already shown promise for protecting against heart disease, but this is the first time its effects on memory have been tested.

The study, published in the journal Scientific Reports, found that resveratrol did better than just slowing the age-related decline of memory in rats, it actually improved it (Kodali et al., 2015).

Professor Ashok K. Shetty, who led the study, said:

“The results of the study were striking.
They indicated that for the control rats who did not receive resveratrol, spatial learning ability was largely maintained but ability to make new spatial memories significantly declined between 22…

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