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Dog at ComputerIf you are tolerating way too much from your people, maybe you are really nice—or maybe there’s something else going on. As described in previous posts, it is possible:

– You don’t want people to think you are bossy and you don’t think people like to be bossed around;

– You’re afraid of damaging the relationship or demotivating the employee so you don’t give developmental feedback;

– You’re so sympathetic and empathetic to the needs of individual employees that you—perhaps inadvertently—put them ahead of the needs of the team or the business;

– You have such a high value for fairness that you treat everyone the same way regardless of competence or skill level;

– You have such a high need for freedom that it blinds you to the fact that not everyone has the same needs;

– You’re simply incredibly patient and kind;


– Maybe you’re…

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