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Perception – Part 2

Known is a drop, Unknown is an Ocean

The View of Modern Medical Science

According to modern science, light-vibrations from outside strike the retina and an inverted image is formed there. These vibrations are carried through optic tract and optic thalamus to the center of vision in the occipital lobe of the brain in the back part of the head. There, a positive image is formed. Then only, you see the object in front of you.

Perception According to Sankhya Philosophy

The real back-ground of perception is the Soul. Fleshy eyes are only external instruments for perception. Eye is not an organ of vision. The organ of vision is a center situated in the brain; so is the case with all senses. Mind is connected with the Senses, the Senses with the corresponding centers in brain and the centers, with the physical organs, to the external object. The mind presents the sensation to Intellect ; Intellect takes it…

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