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Thinking And Results MindsetAs coaches we encourage our clients to look at their goals, objectives and/or challenges from as many different angles as possible.  The intent for doing so is that it will expand their thinking and allow them to uncover lots of different options for moving forward.

This idea of looking at things from many angles isn’t new—it’s behind concepts such as brainstorming and “outside the box” thinking.

Nevertheless, most of us can still fall prey to recycling—and thereby reinforcing—our standard ways of thinking. This happens more often if those methods have resulted in ongoing professional or personal success. The problem is that if we aren’t careful, we can get into a thinking rut.

Here are three ways to expand your thinking and avoid a rut:

  • Challenge yourself to come up with a minimum of six options for looking at any particular situation. Make a deal with yourself that no option, no…

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