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Lavinia Lumezanu

AligatorLet’s face it we all want to be liked, we all crave for that acceptance, that feeling inside ourselves that make us feel giddy when someone likes us. And I’m not just talking about romantic interests; we want to be liked by friends, co-workers, acquaintances, family, friends of the family, or the families of our friends. And every times someone doesn’t like us, there’s always that feeling of “But Why?” in our heart. As much as we all put on a brave face and say “I don’t care”, a lot of us still go home and wish things were different.

But instead of putting on a mask, let’s see what we can actually do to deal with those feelings instead of just shoving them down and pretending they don’t exist – since pretending feelings don’t exist only makes them erupt stronger when push comes to shove.

  1. Have you actually done…

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