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Great Middle Way

Buddha Shakyamuni preached for 45 years in this world. In that time, he was asked the same questions repeatedly, and he patiently answered them according to the capacity, maturity, and disposition of the questioners. 

In the conventional sense, there is nothing new, and therefore the desire for novelty can never be fulfilled. In the absolute sense, every single moment is new and unrepeatable. We have heard the Dharma many times, and have understood some of it. But it is only by willingly exposing ourselves to the teachings over and over that we can deepen our understanding and manifest it in our lives. 

We have to learn how to share the Dharma in different settings, with different persons, and that only comes with repeated hearing. Dharma cultivation —like everything else— is not just for us, but for the benefit of all. 

When I read Kunchen Dolpopa’s writings, I…

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