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Learning Never Ends…

Known is a drop, Unknown is an Ocean

We are born in this world to learn our Self from our mistakes and experience. No one is born in this world with the Perfection or Complete knowledge of the Self. The moment we think ‘I know everything’, ‘I don’t have to listen anything or anyone’, ‘I am superior’, Ego creeps in our Mind and stops our learning curve and spreads the delusion and ignorance. So if we want to become a good learner or knowledge seeker or truth seeker, we need to

1. Be humble. We will listen to others patiently only if we are humble.
2. Open for learning new things. Don’t have a predetermined notion in the mind and expect the same.
3. Learn from our Self. Once we have learned from different sources we don’t have believe them or follow them completely. Use our Reasoning to understand why it so? Get the answers from inside us…

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