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The Worst Fight Ever…

Lavinia Lumezanu

The worst fight I’ve ever had was completely silent. If anyone had seen me in that moment, they wouldn’t have suspected anything. I looked calm, composed, even somewhat serene. As for the fight, I was fighting with an actual person, who was responding to me, at whom I was yelling, who was yelling back. There was a slight moment when my eyes got a little teary, but apart from that, the surface was calm…everything was happening in my head.

Crashing Waves

How ridiculous is that? I was mad at someone, yet the circumstances didn’t allow for a full blown fight with that person. So instead of keeping all those feelings inside, I had the fight I needed to have in order to release my feelings, I just had it in my had. Don’t be fooled, it was a real fight as far as I was concerned. There was yelling and screaming, there…

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