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Sage of Kanchi

Thanks to sri Suresh Kumar Etheeswaran for pointing out that Thotakashtakam text is missing from our bookshelf in the blog!


I love this photo! I see complete saranagathi in this photo. How blessed they are!

Thotakashtakam besides being a hymn to adi acharya, this hymn is of great importance to Periyava. We have heard in so many interviews and told by great devotees like Sri Ghatam Subash mama where Periyava, no matter how busy He is, will immediately divert His attention and bless the ones who are chanting. Let us chant this beautiful stuthi to get blessed by acharyas.

Here is the beautiful and rare vide of Periyava talking about Thotakashtakam.


महितोपनिषत् कथितार्थनिधे |
हृदये कलये विमलं चरणं
भव शंकर देशिक मे शरणम् ||१||

mahitOpanishat kathitArthanidhE |
hridayE kalayE vimalam charaNam
bhava sankara dEsika mE saraNam || (1)

விதிதாகில சாஸ்த்ர ஸுதா ஜலதே,
மஹிதோபநிஷத்கதிதார்தநிதே |
ஹ்ருதயே கலயே விமலம் சரணம்,

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