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The Conscious Process

M: Too much analysis leads you nowhere. There is in you the core of being which is beyond analysis, beyond the mind. You can know it in action only. Express it in daily life and its light will grow ever brighter. The legitimate function of the mind is to tell you what is not. But if you want positive knowledge, you must go beyond the mind.

Q: In all the universe is there one single thing of value?

M: Yes, the power of love.

~from “I Am That”, Nisargadatta Maharaj

What I have regularly noticed during decades of observing “spiritual” communities (both on and off-line), is that the majority of participants therein can conceptually be divided into two general sub-groups. The first is comprised of those seeking to become knowers, in order to enhance and confirm, or modify and re-invent, their personal sense of self. The second group consists of…

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