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Waking Up, Growing Up

The Conscious Process

Leo awake

“Consciousness is an itching rash that makes you scratch. Of course, you cannot step out of consciousness, for the very stepping out is in consciousness. But if you learn to look at your consciousness as a sort of fever, personal and private, in which you are enclosed like a chick in its shell, out of this very attitude will come the crisis which will break the shell.”

~ Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

At a certain point in the conscious process of inquiry into our true nature and identity, we might begin to slip out of the mental prison of our own fabrication, especially when we come to suspect that the magic show of consciousness has some definite drawbacks. Upon inspection, we can observe that it is always up to something. It is always modifying itself, wanting something, attaching to some hopeful notion or promise, or else avoiding something. It is invariably…

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