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Leaders, Laugh It UP!!



Leaders have a tremendous responsibility all the time. At any given moment, the decisions, behaviors, and attitudes they display affect outcomes, get scrutinized, and set an example to be emulated.

Leadership is hard work, and if one is not careful they can get so drawn into results, urgencies, and deadlines that stress can takes it’s toll on not only the leader themselves, but their teams and the entire company.

There has been much written about work-life balance and having a passion for your work, and rightfully so, as the need to stay balanced is crucial to your leadership longevity. Yet even a proper work-life balance can get to be stressful and grinding.

So, why not let loose and laugh it UP every so often?

When the topic of humor in the workplace is addressed, some leaders feel they will loose their example, credibility, and effectiveness if they engage in humor…

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