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Rock Climbing Persistence ResilienceGrit is the ability to push through barriers and be extraordinary. It is part of what makes a person stand out from their peers. I’ve been reminded about the importance of grit twice within the last few weeks—first from a keynoter, Linda Kaplan Thaler, who is an expert on the topic and author of the upcoming book Grit to Great.

The other reminder came this week from my daughter’s fourth grade teacher, Mr. Cameron, who talked about having grit in his Tip of the Week.

Both shared how grit helps us push through challenges. They believe grit means hard work, not giving up, and always trying your best. Linda Kaplan Thaler shared the latest research on success and the strategies that helped her succeed at the highest levels in both her career and her personal life. Mr. Cameron was preparing the students for state testing. When I asked him about…

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