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Time Is On My Side

The Conscious Process

“It is the instinct of exploration, the love of the unknown, that brings me into existence. It is in the nature of being to see adventure in becoming, as it is in the very nature of becoming to seek peace in being.”

~Sri Nisargadatta

I was recently perusing a large online Buddhist forum, and true to form, the participants were enthusiastically debating about which of their chosen sects has the upper hand on getting “enlightened”. Because it serves as a good example of a common spiritual delusion, I am using this particular scenario to make a point, although one could find comparable versions at any religious online forum.

In this situation, a lot of the arguments boiled down to a matter of speed. For example, it was claimed by followers of one Tibetan tradition that the their path was the superior vehicle, since it could get one “there” faster, whereas…

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