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Sage of Kanchi

Thanks to Sri Shivaraman for the article. Hope Shivaraman will remember to post Brahmasri Chandramouli Srouthigal’s 5 mts video clipping on Periyava as “Thapas Kamakshi” experience soon! I’ve been reminding him for the past 2 years 🙂

It is beyond words how difficult is to walk in hot sun in Tamilnadu without slippers in gravel road, kovil praharams etc. Recently, I experienced this during my India trip – that too when the summer was not even at its peak Imagine Periyava walking without padhukas in peak summer – Smt Padma Subramaniam also talked about a similar experience – these are not humanly possibly things. Only mahans can do this. We (excluding me!!!) are blessed to have witnessed a mahan in our lifetime itself.


Sri Mouli Mama came rushing to Periyava… Mouli mama was in tears. How to bear it? Just how to bear it?

Even after 30+ years, he is…

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