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To execute your business strategy successfully and keep programs on schedule, supporting people to get collaboration right is just as important as good planning. Have you really thought this through?

In today’s turbulent business environment, where companies and organizations are learning how to deal with an increased rate of complexity and change, strategy execution is high on the agenda of business leaders. How to turn good ideas into concrete results? How to beat the competition? How to increase responsiveness, flexibility and speed?

Strategy execution has changed!

HRS Business Transformation Services, slide with title 'How Strategy Execution Has Changed'There is a need for companies to take a close look at their business models and strategy execution habits

If my 25 years of working with companies and business teams to achieve strategic objectives has thought me one thing, it is this.

For strategy execution to succeed, focusing on deliverables, planning, analyzing data, and controlling finances is important, but not enough. Getting collaboration right…

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