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Leadership and neuroscienceNew advances in the field of social neuroscience are fundamentally reshaping perspectives on the best way to lead and manage the performance of others. That’s the main message Scott Blanchard will be sharing next week in his presentation at the annual conference of the Association for Talent Development (ATD) in Orlando, Florida. Blanchard’s concurrent session is entitled Things About Leadership We Never Would Have Said Three Years Ago.

As Blanchard shares, “The advent of the functional MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) is giving us a peek into the workings of the brain, and the new science of motivation is helping us better understand what engages people. These developments, combined with ongoing research into well-being, are all beginning to converge on a new holistic model for leading others effectively.

“For the past fifty years we have used a left brain/right brain model to explain the way our brains work. While that’s…

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