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Creative by Nature

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” ―Pablo Picasso


Note:An updated and improved version of this essay has been posted here.

All human beings are creative by nature. Young children know this in their hearts, but as we grow older most of us begin to have doubts. For those raised in highly competitive societies, our creative efforts were often criticized by parents or teachers, our work compared to “standards” and expectations held by others.

As a result, most people come to believe that creative ability is rare. What we don’t realize is that this is a cultural myth, that it was part of an organized effort by schools and society (especially those in positions of power) to snuff out creativity and independence, to encourage obedience and conformity.

In fact, each of us has great untapped creative potential, but like seeds, our unique talents needs to be watered, cultivated and nurtured. Here…

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