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I’m always very reluctant to click on links to articles that promise to achieve something out of this world if only I was eating this or that wonder food, or if only I was able to keep my fingers off this or that nasty type of food.

However, according to Ayurveda there is such a thing as a wonder spice. I don’t believe in miracle foods – but then I do believe in Ayurveda. And if there’s one spice that can do it all, even better. So a while ago, I started using Turmeric.

It looks strange. But it works wonders, apparently. It looks strange. But it does wonders, apparently.

Granted, it tastes peculiar, at least at the beginning, and all your dishes will be saffron-coloured. But it grew on me. No matter what I cook, reaching for the turmeric jar has almost become a reflex.

Had my ayurvedic practitioner not mentioned it, I would have never even…

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