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What you believe and what you don’t believe are intricately connected. Sometimes it’s easier to look at the things you definitely do NOT want to believe in order to find what it is that you DO want to believe. Believe the opposite of these 15 lies, and the truth will set you free!

1. Five more minutes of sleep will help me.
The snooze button seems like a good idea while sleepy, but you’ll get much more benefit from going to sleep earlier and not interrupting the last 30 minutes of your sleep every five minutes. In fact, the science suggests that using the snooze buttons does more harm than good.
2. I need ____ to be happy.
The only word that fits in that blank is “contentment.” The idea that you need anything else isn’t true.
3. All [type of people] are [attribute].
Stereotypes don’t just hurt other people…

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